Forklift Stacker

Walkie Stackers

Light weight for industrial use. Perfect for loading on the upper level floors that have limited load capacity.

  • Electric travelling
  • Electric lifting
  • With a capacity of 500・700・900kg
  • With a capacity of 600・800・950kg


Ideal for a line of work in-between the factory/warehouse and the truck for loading and unloading.

SHPC Series:

Light weight but equipped 5 wheels for more effective and steady work.

SHPF Series:

Perfect for the upper level floors with limited load capacity as width between legs are large.

All operations at the control handle:

Driving the truck and operating the lift is easy and effective.

SHPF Series

Authentic forging forks are equipped.

All operations at the control handle.

Preventing an operator from being sandwitched by the forklift, the safety switch is equipped. When the forklift is being driven in the operator’s direction and the switch is depressed, the direction will be reversed and the forklift will be driven the opposite direction in order to avoide trapping the operator.

The control handle is designed based on ergonomics.

While the forklift is being driven, brake can easily be applied simply by positioning the control handle vertical/fully raised or horizontal/fully lowered.

Easy maintenance and daily check-ups.

Cover will open all the way, making maintenance and daily check-ups easy.



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