We support a lot of jobsites of distribution and manufacture by our products which are pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, electric towing tractors, hand lift trucks, walies, reach trucks, order picking trucks and automatic guided vehicles.

Compact, easy operation, laborsaving, clean energy. This is Kolec’s philosophy

Superior turning radius by compact body. Easy operation for women and beginners. No exhaust gas due to electric powered. We propose pallet truck, pedestrian controlled trucks, electric carrier which realize laborsaving in jobsites of distribution.



Product Line


Pallet truck series

Pallet truck realizes the small budget of transfer pallets. A pallet truck is moved by man, however a big handle made of plastic supports easy operation.


Electric pallet trucks

Excellent travel is realized by light weight and compact design. Furthermore, you can obtain powerful drive in safety. The electric pallet trucks of OHP type with standing bar handle turn smaller circle than other ones.

Walkie counterbalanced stackers

This model functions by electric lift and electric travel. And it can handle any pallets. (Naturally fork can be held.)


Robo Cleaper

These devices are ideal for cleaning extensive areas such as hospitals, gymnasiums, factories and warehouses. When set for nighttime operation, they ensure sparkling clean floors the next morning.


Hand lifers & electric lifters

We offer a lot of models of hand lifers and electric lifers. You can choice the best model which conforms to your requirement.

Order picking trucks

Order picking truck realizes good workload of picking at heights. So we offer a lot of models of order picking trucks for you.

Electric towing tractor

Towing truck designed for use in production lines of large industries such as the automobile industry Electronics industry etc.​

Automatic guided vehicle ・ Automatic guided tractor

You can realize automatic transport in the small budget. Those machines respond to various automatic transfer systems.