Friction Conveyor System

Responding to the demands of today’s customer, NKC has developed this revolutionary conveyor system.

Friction Conveyor System01First conceived in 1985, NKC’s Friction Conveyor System (FCS) is now globally recognized as a “next generation” conveyance system. The FCS’s drive mechanism converts the driving force of a motor into a friction force that can be applied directly to a skid, carrier or pallet.


This technology offers advantages to our customers that were not previously available in a single conveyor type.


Some of these advantages include increased speeds, improved working environment, reductions in noise levels, contaminants and operating costs. This cutting-edge system is one more example of NKC’s long history contributing to the advancement of other industries.

Characteristics of the FCS
  • System design specifications:
    Maximum speed: more than 360m/min
    Speed range: 1:50
    Acceleration: 1.08G
  • Light weight and modular design allow for simple and compact system layouts.
  • Modular construction with no need for auxiliary drive chain provides maximum flexibility and future modifications.


The FCS is flexible enough for almost any application.

Friction Conveyor System02Because the FCS drive unit can be mounted in the radius of a horizontal turn there are virtually no limits on the layout path configurations. Incorporating traversers and turntables into the system design allows the FCS to operate in a similar fashion to traditional European style skid systems.


By utilizing track switches and stoppers the FCS offers the same advantages as traditional power and free type conveyors. The system is design to smoothly transition from the friction drive to conventional fixed-dog chain conveyor with no auxiliary equipment for maximum efficiency of space.

Floor Type

Standard Friction System

The NKC floor type friction system features a rail height far lower than conventional inverted conveyor systems for easier maintenance access. Our floor type product line includes a wide range of pallet friction systems and skillet systems as alternatives for conventional shuttle and slat conveyors.

Friction Conveyor System03

Overhead Type

An NKC overhead friction conveyor system is ideal for painting and assembly processes. The absence of chain results in a cleaner product by eliminating common contaminates such as oil, metal dust and debris.

Friction Conveyor System04

Shuttle Type

Moving your materials swiftly, the NKC shuttle type friction system displays its ability in straight-line systems. Its superb acceleration and stopping accuracy make it ideal for operations utilizing robots.

Friction Conveyor System05

Pallet Type

The smaller cousin to the Skillet system, the NKC Pallet Type FCS is ideally suited for smaller production parts. This version exhibits the same speed, accuracy and cleanliness as the larger systems.



Simple Unit Construction for a variety of designs.

The unit control boxes are self-contained in a distributed format. A variable frequency drive is available as an option to deliver smooth conveying. NKC’s ingenious concept and modular design gives you the freedom to incorporate common units as needed to fulfill a host of design needs brilliantly.


Drive Units

“Quick Disconnect” type cable connectors are used for both power and communication cables between the control box and motor making maintenance functions quick and easy.

Friction Conveyor System06

Merge Switch Units

An auxiliary cam arm equipped with low friction rollers allow the merge switch unit to operate with no electric power or compressed air, while minimizing trolley wear.

Friction Conveyor System07

Exit Switch Units

Exit switch units are powered with the same energy efficient motors used on the drive units to make maximum use of common components.

Friction Conveyor System08

Stopper Units

In most instances the system uses motor control to stop carriers as needed. However, in areas requiring stopping accuracy and worker safety, precision stop units are employed. Again, stop units are powered with the same motors used on the drive units to minimize spare parts.

Friction Conveyor System09