Pr200W Garden Light with Wind and Solar Power Hybrid Generation System (Independent Power Source Type) N200-BGL

Wind Power Generator

Type of generator NKC-400-380
Output at 11 m/s 200W
Nominal output 418W (3 phase, AC)
Output voltage DC 24V(Rectified)
Start-up wind speed 1.2m/s
Start-of-charge wind speed 1.6m/s
Survival wind speed
(maximum instantaneous wind speed)
Brake Electric brake
Rotor diameter φ1000mm
Blade Length


No. of blades


Surface treatment


Paint color (standard)




Aluminum alloy


Urethane resin paint finish coating

Yellow Green

Support post Material



Paint color

Structural carbon steel tube/sheet

Hot-dip galvanized

Urethane resin paint finish coating

Silver gray
Munsell: N8.0 to 8.5
JPMA: CN-80 to 85

Height Approx. 5,930 mm
Approximate weight 250kg
Note:This Product Specification is as of Sep.2008. It would be changed due to our certain reasons without prior announcement.




Solar cell module

Type Polycrystalline silicon
Model KC40TJ
Nominal output 43W
Nominal open voltage 21.7V
Nominal short-circuit current 2.65A
Nominal maximum power voltage 17.4V
Nominal maximum power current 2.48A
External dimensions 526(L)×652(W)×54(D)mm
Weight 4.5kg
No. of cells 1




Panel lamp

Type Outdoor lamp (LED144 bulb)
Model L144-8.75
Power supply DC12.5V
Current 0.7A
Wattage 8.75W
External dimensions 420(L)×240(W)×176(D) mm
Weight 2.9kg



Storage battery

Type Deep cycle lead acid battery (sealed)
Model 12V-60DC
Capacity 60Ah(20 hour rate)
External dimensions 229(L)×138(W)×227(D) mm
Weight 19.5kg
Quantity 1





This wind power generation system is comprised of a small wind turbine generator and a solar panel. It is designed as a street light, using clean energy to independently power a panel lamp that has a built-in, high-intensity LED bulb.




  • Hybrid Power Generation System
    The power source is comprised of a single small power generator, one solar panel, and a sealed battery. The electricity generated by wind and solar power is stored in the sealed battery, which later supplies stable power to light the lamp. Even if no power is generated by either wind or solar energy for five days, the battery has enough capacity to provide power for daily lighting during that time.
  • Controller System
    This system manages the voltage by controller even in high winds, and is designed to apply an electrical brake automatically when the set voltage is reached. For maintenance, the electrical brake can also be applied manually to stop operation.