NKC’s Environmental Efforts

Environmental conditions have been deteriorating year after year due to global warming, ever-increasing waste production and many other reasons. at nkc, we believe that taking voluntary, energetic action to combat these issues is a matter of corporate and social responsibility.

Our approach is to engage in global environmental conservation, striving to reduce the environmental impact that our products and services may have in japan and other parts of the world in all of our businesses. We are promoting this environmental policy at all of our business facilities in thai and abroad.

1. Primary Initiatives Regarding Environmental Issues

a. energy conservation: reducing co2 emissions 1% annually by unit of output

  • increase operating efficiency of production facilities
  • systematically replace existing electrical air conditioners with natural gas type
  • regulate indoor temperature to a low of 28?c during the summer months and a high of 20?c during the winter months
  • turn off all office equipment when it will not be in use for 30 minutes or more
  • systematically replace existing company vehicles with eco-friendly cars
  • reduce electrical energy consumed for security and during non-working hours

b. industrial waste reduction

  • Maintain current minimum recycle rate of 99%
  • Promote “3R” campaign

2. ISO140001 Certification

Thai Naknishi Co.,Ltd. were certified as iso14001 compliant on january 31, 2013.