Robo carry rack (AS/RS)

World’s First Mini-Automatic Rack

Innovative mini-automatic rack “Rack’n’Roll” enables easy storage and management that eliminates the labor and hassle of finding target items.




World’s First Mini-Automatic Rack

Standard Rack’n’Roll model – AF16



Please look at the attached pamphlet for further details.




Features of Rack’n’Roll


1. No construction work required for installation

Rack’n’Roll is equipped with casters for moving the rack, thus allowing layout freedom. It can be installed in any place with a 100 V outlet nearby.






2. Small in size but large in capacity


Rack’n’Roll is a mini-automatic rack that can store up to 20 pallets (20 kg/pallet).
* Standard specifications given above. Transfer load weight and the number of pallets can be customized to user demand.






3. Precision sorting


Exclusive to NKC. User-friendly stock management software allows user to input instructions onto the Tablet PC, for quick retrieval and reduced errors.
* Stored items can be individually managed using barcodes or QR codes. Customization required.





4. Lightweight, space-saving,and energy-saving


The aluminum frame base is lightweight. The compact body saves on installation space. Use of mechanical transfer system results in a remarkable energy-saving effect.






5. Movable Stopper Hook


Makes pallet unloading operations easy. (Optional)






6. Tray System


Applicable to all pallet sizes. (Optional)









Diverse product lineup that meets various needs
(Customization Available)


Tower storage model provides increased shelving through effective use of vertical space.




Side-sliding model enables installation close to walls.






Sleek, office-style design encased by an iron frame.





Improves work efficiency with separate storage and retrieval positions.