Walkie Type All-Way Forklift

Max load 950kg

YTP Walkie type All-way forklift

Supporting the operation of transporting long objects in tight workspaces efficiently

It has excellent mobility and realizes highly efficient transfer of super heavy rolls.
Contributes to productivity improvement with custom-made specifications according to the application.

A walkie-type all-way forklift that can be custom-made according to the customer’s application and production site, such as machine size and fork positioner.
It exhibits excellent mobility and turning power even in a narrow work space, and has the transfer power that can handle ultra-heavy objects and the fixing power that does not damage the roll, contributing to improved work productivity and quality maintenance.

Driving mode

On the body In the
longitudinal direction
Carried forward and backward.

Pulling width mode

After fine-tuning
the angle of the aircraft, move
forward and set it.

  • STEP 1

    Transport the roll to the front of the machine.

  • STEP 2

    Fine-tune the body’s angle with the Pulling width Controller.

  • STEP 3

    Move forward to set the roll to the machine.


Point! Improved workability in narrow spaces.

In the case of forklifts, etc.,

A certain degree of passage width is required to change direction during cargo handling and transport.

YTP does not need to be redirected, and work is possible even in narrow passages.

More convenient with a wide variety of attachments.
It can be customized according to the customer’s application.

  • Fork positioner

    The fork can be set to the desired width.
    This is very useful for working with different sizes of loads and pallets.

  • Side shift

    Carriage itself can be sliced From left and right.
    This attachment demonstrates its power for operations requiring delicate positioning.

  • Table type

    It is a convenient machine that can easily transport and move various materials.

  • Customize

    The size of the body can be customized to match the size of the load.


Customization example

Case 1

Customer request

I want to transport a 1t scroll, but the site is too narrow for a forklift to pass.

Scroll weight: 1 ton
Scroll diameter: 1100mm
Scroll length: 2200mm

Proposal from KOLEC
All-way forklift for roll transfer

Based on the walkie, we proposed and delivered an all-way dedicated to roll transport.
The dedicated machine can run not only in the front and back direction (roll length direction) but also in the left and right direction (roll width direction).

Image when turning left

●Since the fork width and position can be adjusted by lifting the bracket, it is possible to transfer from the roll winder.
●Since it is transported by lateral movement, it can be turned with plenty of room even in narrow work sites.
●As it is walkie type, driving is easy,

KOLEC also accepts special orders.

Dimensional drawing
YTP Dimensional drawing
Maximum load kg 950
center of loadLC mm 500
Lifting heightFH mm 360~1650
Lifting speed At full load mm/sec Approx 50
No load mm/sec Approx 70
Travel speed At full load km/hr 0~3.0(variable transmission)
No load km/hr 0~4.0(variable transmission)
Minimum turning radiusR mm 1500
Overall lengthL mm 2960
Overall widthW mm 1530
Overall heightH mm 2090
Side shift stroke mm 47mm each on the right and left sides(manual)
Legs Width Outside/Inner mm 1900/1300
Fork Width Inner mm 1840 to 400(liner guide manual)
Fork dimensionsF mm L640×H125×T19
Service weight kg Approx 1800
Drive wheel mm φ280×80 2 pieces of polyurethane
Roadwheel mm φ100×50 4 pieces of polyurethane
Drive motor W 24v0.8k
Battery AH/5HR 24v-100
Charger Stationary Automatic Charger Single Phase 100v
Braking device Electromagnetic brake
Travel control system Chopper type continuously variable transmission
Hydraulic motor W 24v1.5k