Can’t use a forklift

Small working area but want to carry roll-shaped items.
Easy to turn them around.

  1. Want to transport roll-shaped items but do not want to use a forklift to hang them.
  2. Want to transport drums and other items, but do not want to use a forklift.


Grab it where you want to grab it and carry it where you want to carry it.

Modify FX forks to clamp rolls to clamp roll shaped objects and drums. Workability is improved by using electric power.


Maximum LoadMaximum moment 150Kg with LC625mm
Size of diameter(Less than or more than)200-650 mm
Clamp byManual
Service weight900㎏
Maximum rifting Hight1500mm
Overall length2020mm
Overall width1110mm
Battery24V 65Ah/5HR
Anything to be paid attentionPlease provide the specific material, shape and surface of the roll
Anything to be paid attentionNot available
Target users or Main usageFilm, material, Beverage/Food Chemical industries

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