1.Forklift is not available. 2.There is no overhead crane. 3.Can't hang what I want to hang.

There is no space for a forklift and no space for a crane.
Overhead cranes require high initial investment.


Can be hung where you want to hang it. No need to fix it to the ground.

By modifying the FX forks and changing to a crane type, it can be hung where you want to hang it and brought to where you need it.


Maximum Load and LC.Maximum moment 400Kg with LC 800mm
Moving distance of Chain block550㎜(By manual operation)
Minimum turning radius1295mm(Based on the JIB length 920mm)
Service weightAround 1050㎏
Overall length2270㎜(Based on the JIB length 920mm)
Overall width870㎜
Height (Maximum Fork Elevation)1725/3180㎜
Battery24V 100Ah/5HR
Anything to be paid attentionPlease provide the specific material, shape and surface of the good to be carried.
Target users or Main usageHoist crane users/Caring something heavy like mold or battery.

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