No forklift available to transport roll material, no overhead crane.

Forklifts can’t go in, and there is no space for a crane or other equipment. Overhead cranes require high initial investment.

We have an area, but would like to make effective use of the space.


One-stop service from transport to installation.

By hooking the core of the roll material, it can be transported and installed directly on the machine using the adjustment function. One-stop service from transport to installation

The turning radius is smaller than that of a forklift truck, which reduces the area required and makes effective use of available space.


Maximum Load1100Kg with LC 625mm
Service weight1000㎏
Maximum lifting Hight1800mm
Overall length1735㎜
Overall width1944mm
Battery24V 100Ah/5HR
Anything to be paid attentionSize of the inner leg and detail information for side shift.
Used in the clean room or the speicla chemical industries.
Approximate main unit priceJPY2,000,000-more than 4M depending on the spec requested.
Target users or Main usageFood Steel and Chemical industries

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